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Shop Locally at Farmers Markets!

Shop Locally at Farmers Markets!

With Memorial Day right around the corner, tulips and lilies of the valley are popping up all over! And so are our local farmers markets.

Hudson Valley farmers markets are so much more than fruits and vegetables! You can buy everything; from grain-fed free range poultry and meats to fresh flowers, local honey, maple syrup and even homemade soaps and lotions.

Markets like Mowers in Woodstock and the Coxsackie Farmers Market will also feature other vendors such as local food trucks and if you’re lucky, some live music.

If you’re new to the area, it’s a great way to make new connections with neighbors. If you consider yourself a local, stop and grab something for dinner, some flowers for the table, and say hello to the farmers, artisans, and your neighbors that you may not have seen all winter.

Staying connected to your town by buying locally helps support small local businesses, and ultimately the community!

Here are my FAVORITE local farmers markets – click to learn more! :

1. Catskill
2. Coxsackie
3. Kingston
5. Woodstock

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